BOOK TITLE: Flat-Out Love
AUTHOR: Jessica Park
PUBLISHER: Createspace
RELEASE DATE: May 18th 2011
MAIN GENRES: Young/New Adult, Contemporary Romance

This review includes minor spoilers, proceed at your own risk .

This was.. Well, I'd like to say incredible, but I don't feel that it really does the book justice.

I'll be honest, I've been a little prejudice when it comes to Flat-Out Love. I didn't, don't like the cover; I think the bubble writing put me off.. I don't know, it just didn't reach out to me I guess.
This delayed me reading Flat-Out Love for a long time and I think I even blocked it from my Goodreads recommendations at one point. I know, I know you hate me right now. I hate myself too..

So I was tidying my room a couple of days ago, and found it amongst the clutter. Just seeing those bubble letters made me frown.

I just picked it up and for some reason I will never, ever fully understand (although it probably comes down to one simple word: Boredom) I decided to read the first page..

Next thing I knew it was three hours later and my mum was telling me it was time for dinner. At this stage I pretty much resembled this:

"Huh?" *Blink blink*

Because let me tell you, once I did, finally get around to reading this utterly earth shattering book I just.. Well I don't even know that I can express how I feel about it.

I'll admit that it was predictive, if you saw any of my status updates you know that instead of having this reaction:


I instead, had this reaction:

But in my opinion, that didn't matter, because let's face it, when a book is predictable and still one of the best book you've read? You've got yourself a winner! It made me feel this whole range of emotions..

When Julie wes sad, I was sad:

When Julie was happy, I was happy:

When Julie craved Finn Is God (That's what I'm calling him, because I refuse to call him Finn.) I craved him too:

"Where is he? Where is he? Where is he?"

When Julie accomplished something with Celeste, I felt like I had too:

When Julie was serious, I was serious:

When Julie *cough* didn't *cough* wait patiently for replies, neither did I:

And when Julie was drunk..

..I was frikin' pissing myself laughing because she was hilarious!

Just to finish off.. I'd like to mention that climbing into bed with people always seems to work in books:


Last kitteh, just for cuteness levels (:

Over & Out, T xx

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