BOOK TITLE: The Distance Between Us
AUTHOR: Kasie West
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins (Teen)
RELEASE DATE: July 2nd 2013
MAIN GENRES:  Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

Meet Caymen Meyers: Seventeen, sarcastic and <i>so</i> over all the rich people that deign to spend their money on the porcelain dolls from her mother's shop. Having been brought up believing that all those who have money are nothing but trouble, it's safe to say Caymen is less than likely to give Alexander Spence the time of day, let alone give him a chance. But Xander isn't just charming and thoughtful.. He's perseverant too. 
Funny, Flirty and downright Fantastic!
(Okay, all done with the alliteration now, haha)

Hey! Hey you! Yes, you!

Drop everything you're doing right now and go pick up a copy of The Distance Between Us! Right now!

It was probably worth all five of those stars but only got four from me because we all know my five-star-ratings are for the best books, the most sensational of them all! My crème de la crème, if you will.

But this book is definitely worth the time you'll spend reading in, and then fantasizing about your new book boyfriend (Or girlfriend, don't you guys out there shy away from it just because the cover is so devastatingly beautiful, I think everyone can find something to love in this novel!)

Not only were the characters and their interactions interesting and addictive to read about, but the plot kept me guessing too! An adorable read that proves just how irrelevant first impressions are (although that doesn't mean I recommend beckoning people the first time you meet them) !

A definite must-read for all you YA-romance fanatics out there !

Now let us take a moment to appreciate the flawlessness that is Wellington Alexander Spence and how adorable he and Caymen are together. I actually really enjoyed their flirting/banter! ♥

“Fifteen bucks? For all this? I bought a pair of socks last week for thirty bucks.”
“That’s because you’re an idiot.”
“Love your new shoes, by the way.”
“If humiliation is a career, I’m going to tell you right now that I don’t think I’m interested.”
“But you’d be so good at it.”

I think it's that Xander is one of the only people to challenge Caymen's sarcasm that has me loving him so much!

.. Or maybe it's simply because he's flawless!

Over & Out, T xx

I really love the way 'Xander' looks written down, what are some of your favourite names to look at?

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