AUTHOR: Robin York
RELEASE DATE: January 28th 2014
MAIN GENRES: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

This book includes adult themes, and therefore so does this review.

This was a very hard read in many ways.
Don't get me wrong, the writing style was really sublime. But the subject matter, the very serious issue of revenge porn, is something that is so very emotional that it's almost difficult to read. I definitely would not recommend this if you react badly to this kind of topic. That said, I'm happy that I read something as serious as this because I think that it really allows you to see, and more importantly feel, the way that revenge porn affects a victim.

For me, the subject matter and it's effects was executed so well that the other aspects of the novel fell flat. It definitely took me a while to get into the book and to like some of the characters, such as West, the male protagonist.

I won't lie, I didn't like him at all for quite a few chapters. I don't know if this was intentional, that he was portrayed in a way that made the reader progressively accept him in the same way that Caroline did, or if I am simply too judgmental in my voice of male protagonist. Most likely the latter, I'm pretty picky.

My least favourite aspect of the novel was actually the relationship between Caroline and West. There were times when I found myself rolling my eyes or just staring blankly at the page, hoping for some kind of punchline. For instance, this little gem surprised the hell out of me:
"That’s how it looks to me. Like the stars are in Caroline, and the whole world is just me and her.
Because I’m stoned.
And because I’m in love with her."

Also I'm not a hundred percent sure how I feel about the ending, because I'm not sure I can really consider it an ending.. Truthfully, I was expecting another chapter.

I feel as if Deeper focused mainly on Caroline and her gradual fight to overcome the revenge crime of which she was a victim. I'm hoping that the sequel will focus more on West's own issues because lord knows the boy had plenty..

I would also love to see more of the relationship between Krishna and Brige!

Over & Out, T xx


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