I bought this back in January/February when I ran out of my preferred foundation, Rimmel's Wake Me Up. I'd actually been looking for another bottle, but my local Asda doesn't stock Rimmel as so I thought I'd give this one a whirl. I didn't actually know Asda had a makeup range, so naturally, I was pretty intrigued.

I'm sure the packaging probably had something to do with why I picked it up, as it's lovely. The bottle is frosted glass, which is a pretty nice touch for a drugstore/supermarket foundation. Plus, I loved the colour of the lid and pump.

The pump itself actually caused me a lot of trouble and I ended up having to replace it with a pump from an old Wake Me Up bottle. It was very difficult to use as the pump was so hard to push down. Also, when I was finally able to get product to come out, it came out so forcefully that it sprayed everywhere, leading to little dots of foundation on my bedding and clothes. I've read several other reviews since, and this is pretty common with the packaging. This was particularly disappointing for me, as it was not only inconvenient (and messy) to replace the pump but it also ruined the look of the bottle.

On a positive note, the product gives a lovely finish and smells amazing too. It's said to contain extracts of pomegranate apple and papaya and so it smells very fruity, which I personally enjoyed a lot. The scent, and the lightness made the product feel more like a BB cream than an actual foundation. In fact, the coverage too reflected a BB cream as it was effective, but not so much as to warrant no concealer in my case, which is what I tend to look for. 

I'm not sure I'd agree that it's necessarily 'Radiance boosting' as the packaging suggests, but it does leave the skin looking very natural, again more indicative of a BB cream than a foundation.

Another thing worth mentioning is the range of shades. I'd say I have fairly pale olive complexion, and so I always tend to go for the lightest or second to lightest shade when buying foundation. I find this works best generally, and if the shade is too light I can always mix it with a darker shade or use it to highlight. Anyways, the lightest shade of the Super Boost Foundation is Ivory Silk, which I thought would be ideal seeing as I'm often best matched to the Ivory shades, especially this time of year. However, upon use I realised that the product is not only too dark for my skin but also quite a pink/orange based foundation. I obviously haven't tried the darker shades, but I can only assume this rings true for them too. Basically when I use it I look like I've caught the sun a little.. Which although not entirely off-putting, isn't really the look I'm going for.. 
    So if you are interested it trying the Super Boost Foundation, I'd advise you to:
    1. Choose the shade carefully, I'd advise going a shade lighter.
    2. Remember it's warm-toned (so not ideal for those with olive complexions).
    3. Keep in mind you'll need another pump.
    4. Look at alternatives. This is pretty pricey at £6 and you may be able to find a similarly priced alternative.
    I won't personally be buying this product again, but I will enjoy using what I have left of this bottle!

    Over & Out, T xx


    1. Hello! Just letting you know I nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Click on this link to my blog to see what you need to do :)

    2. Great post, I had no idea Asda had a makeup range! x

    3. Where can I get one and the concealer?I live in the usa

      1. Hi Janet :)
        Unfortunately, I don't think that there are currently any Asda stores in the US and so I would imagine it'll be fairly difficult to get your hands on. I think I'm correct in saying that Asda is subsidiary of Walmart though, so it may be that they have a similar if not identical range in their stores.
        If not, this is pretty similar to the Healthy Mix foundation by Boujois, both in content and packaging!
        Let me know how your search goes,
        T xx

    4. Where can I get one and the concealer?I live in the usa