BOOK TITLE: The Selection
AUTHOR: Kiera Cass
PUBLISHER: Harper Collins
RELEASE DATE: April 24th 2012
MAIN GENRES: Young Adult, Romance, Post Apocalyptic

I loved The Selection. A lot
No, Seriously, I practically went crazy when it ended and I absolutely could not wait for The Elite !

So..Imagine my surprise, not to mention confusion when, whilst browsing through various reviews on Goodreads, I noticed that there are so many bad reviews about The Selection..

I was like: Wait.. What?

I finished this on Christmas Eve 2012, but have only just decided to write a review (and only a quick, kitty filled one) because I loved The Selectionand I think it deserves a lot more positive reviews written about it. (Although admittedly I don't do much writing in my reviews and tend to let the kitties do all the talking..

Why all the kittehs?

I own the audiobook of The Selection and because I was too lazy and tired to actually read at the time, I listened to it instead. Listening to audiobooks isn't something I normally do, because I tend find them annoying and I'd normally much rather read a book myself. But, surprisingly, I adored it, and pretty much didn't turn it off..

And when I wasn't listening to it, all I could think was:

Which, needless to say didn't really help during lessons..

Over & Out, T xx

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